Hire A Dentist

Need Help?

We are dedicated to finding the right dentist to fit in your practice or clinic at the best value in dental staffing. Help us with the following:

  • Identify Your Needs

    Either call, email or submit your request through the “for practices” page. Speak with one or more of the individuals shown on the “about” page.

  • Give Us More Detail and Sign an Agreement

    Let us know more details or specifics of your practice or clinic so we can find a good match. At the same time, sign an agreement that sets the foundation for doing business. At this point, there is never any charge or any requirement that we ultimately perform work for you.

  • Review the Proposed Dentist(s)

    Review the CV’s for the proposed dentist(s). Speak with any of these prospective candidates, without us necessarily being present in the conversation. Keep us in the loop and let us know if the right candidate has been found.

  • Agree on a Work Assignment

    Confirm the short or long term assignment, agreeing with us on the compensation for the provider dentist. We are transparent with your pricing, so you know specifically what the provider is being paid.

  • Let Us Know How We Performed

    Our goal is for you to be satisfied with our service so you would want to use us again. If any adjustments need to be made, let us know.

Find A Job

Need Work?

We are continually searching for general dentists and dental specialists to fit with the right practice or clinic for as little as a few days to the foreseeable future. We will treat you as the professional that you are from the initial contact through finding work with the private or corporate practice or government clinic. Help us with the following:

  • Submit Your Credentials

    After making the initial contact, submit your credentials. We will never request a fee from you of any kind.

  • Get to Know Us Better

    Get to know us better and develop a relationship based on communication and trust. In comparison with our national competition, we will generally pay you more and bill the practice or clinic less for work that you perform.

  • Sign a Contract

    Sign a contract and let us know the work that you are seeking and make your availability known. We do not restrict your work opportunities with our competitors in any way. We want you to be successful, whether it is on your own, through us or another staffing service.

  • Accept Your Assignment

    Accept and successfully complete assignments of your choice. In general, receive either a minimum rate per hour or a percentage, in addition to mileage and lodging expense.