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Whether your schedule is open for several weeks or as far as you can see, we can use your clinical skills and experience. We have temporary and permanent dentist opportunities nationwide. These vary in location and duration.

  • Work when you choose
  • Short or long term commitments
  • Comprehensive work site information provided prior to assignments, including speaking directly with the practice dentist or administrator
  • Referral Commission Program
  • copy of current CV/resume
  • copy of current dental license(s)
  • copy of DEA Controlled Substance License
  • copy of malpractice policy (cover sheet)
  • NPI Number
  • three references, including telephone numbers
  • online personal interview


  • Compensation is hourly, daily or a percentage, whichever is higher and fair to the practice or clinic.
  • Experience different work environments and decide which is for you
  • Do what you love without the overhead or administration responsibilities.
  • Work as a locum tenens or temporary dentist for as long as you like, or receive help to find your own practice or clinic.

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If you are interested in belonging to our growing family of temporary dental staff or looking for permanent placement please fill in the info below. We will promptly contact you for a personal interview.

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I feel like I’m on vacation and doing dentistry as a hobby. It’s what every dentist dreams about. I should have done this years ago.
Dr. Frank Landry

I am enjoying dentistry again. Well compensated for the number of days I choose to work and without the hassle of managing an office and staff – what is there not to like? Thank you Matika Irons and Associates!
Dr. Ana Brightleaf

While preparing to open my new office, working with Matika Irons & Associates was a tremendous educational experience – working in different offices, learning new techniques and materials. No other position could have offered this wealth of experience on such a short time.
Dr. Charles Payet


Q: What is my liability?
A: Nearly all standard office liability policies cover clinical activities by others working in the office: hygienists, chair side assistants, as well as locum tenens dentists. In addition, each contracting provider carries their own malpractice policy. Furthermore, our reputation for quality care is unmatched in the industry.

Q: What are my obligations?
A: None. You may accept or reject each opportunity presented as you choose. Once you are no longer eligible, we simply don’t call.

Q: Can I come back after “terminating”?
A: Any time for any duration.

Q: What can I expect to earn?
A: In a four day work week, you can expect to earn between $3,000 and $6,000.

Q: What do I need to know about working in another doctor’s office?
A: Matika Irons will prepare you for temporary service based upon our extensive experience.