Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for the Practice:

What is your contingency plan if you can’t work? Want or need to be away from your practice, and keep it running at the same time?  Would your staff like to be paid while you are away?

Let us help.  Register with our service at no cost or obligation, and contact us when needed.

Do you have someone that can help, and what is the cost?

If we do, then you can review a CV (or more) and we can agree on what is fair, primarily based on the particular needs of your practice and the compensation request of the LT provider.  If we don’t, then we can search at no cost to you.

Hire a Dentist

FAQ for the Provider:

Are you a new general dentist or specialist and would like help to find a job?

Congratulations on your new career!  We can help, and there is no charge of any kind to you.

Are you looking for a change?

Let us help to find a better fit for you at this time in your career.

Have you practiced for many years, are great at what you do, and are weary of the requirements that come with a dental practice?

Let us help you to continue to do the work that you love, without all of the other peripheral work.

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