Matika Irons – Our Story

Matika Irons and two other dental staffing and management companies are owned and run by Rich and Ann Matika. Also, Forest Irons, DDS founded Forest Irons & Associates, Inc. to become “Dentists helping Dentists since 1984”, and worked in 30 states. In 1994, Ann Matika founded A&A Dental Employment, Inc. to work in VA, NC and DC. In 2011, Ann also founded AA Dental Staffing, Inc. for work with federal and local governmental entities. Since then, AADS has received contracts with the Navy in 10 states (HI, CA, WA, IL, RI, VA, NC, SC, FL and TX) and Air Force (from ND to TX). Subsequently, Matika Irons has worked in many of these states and others.

We can also help with other positions or labor categories in the dental practice or clinic; also including the Registered Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, Dental Laboratory Technician, or Front Desk/Office Manager. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you.

About Forest Irons, DDS

Past President

Now retired in CA and WY, Dr. Forest brought over 40 years of academic, dental and business experience to his position. In addition to faculty appointments at UMKC, Emory University and UNC Chapel Hill, he has owned and operated four general private practices. He is a founding member of the Practice Valuation Study Group.

Rich Matika, MS, PMP
Rich Matika, MS, PMPPresident & CEO
Rich has experience in Information Technology (IT) for over 30 years, specializing in helping various businesses in vertical markets (from banking to manufacturing, shipping and healthcare) to become more efficient (internally) and effective (externally). He joined Ann in 2005, and has helped to grow our combined dental staffing businesses by over 2,000% from that date to 2019.
Ann Matika, BSDH, MS
Ann Matika, BSDH, MSCOO
Ann has over 30 years of clinical experience as a RDH in over 200 private and corporate practices. She was a university clinical instructor for 2 years. She excels in the education and marketing of dentistry. At the same time, she has been involved in all aspects of administration and operations of our dental staffing companies.
Eugene F. Young BS DDS, FAGD
Eugene F. Young BS DDS, FAGDNational Dental Director
Eugene Young obtained his BS and DDS from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has been awarded a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry and also served on the Department of Operative Dentistry at UNC School of Dentistry. Eugene brings 40 years of private practice experience, which included using state of the art technology to create a communications model and one of the first paperless offices for the delivery of dental care. Has worked in the field of locum tenens and placement for the past 6 years.