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Dentists Helping Dentists Since 1984



Matika Irons is the most experienced professional service for dentists in North America. We offer opportunities for new D4, resident and experienced dentist for private or corporate practices and governmental clinics.

We specialize in making the right match, by providing the Dentist for temporary or full time opportunities. We are dedicated to providing on-time delivery and guaranteed results, in a way that is transparent to all stakeholders.

Matika Irons Knows Dentistry

We staff Dentists, and sometimes staff other dental professionals. If you contact another staffing service, you may work with a representative that is more familiar with general or medical staffing, and not particularly familiar with dentistry. If you contact our service, you will work with a dentist or someone that knows and understands dentistry. We will make every attempt to make a match with a locum tenens or permanent placement dentist that will seamlessly fit and maintain patient satisfaction and productivity in your private or corporate practice or governmental clinic.

Connecting Dental Offices & Temporary Dentists

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I was away recently and used your service for the first time. Having never covered the practice in this manner before, naturally my staff and I approached it with a certain amount of apprehension. I am writing to convey how unfounded our concerns turned out to be. From my staff and patients, the reaction was the same: professional! I travel very often because I have an extensive lecture schedule and will definitely and confidently be using your services again.
Dr. Ronald Jackson


Dentists Helping Dentists

We are in the Dentistry field so we know how to make the right match for your practice.

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