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Our Process

Connecting Your Dental Practice with Our Dentist

For Dental Offices:

Keep your private practice productive, at least to cover the overhead and possibly more. Don’t reschedule or inconvenience your patients. Don’t close the door. Help us to do the following.


Identify Your Coverage Needs

Let us know when you’ll need coverage, and if possible specify the duration. We can find candidates for a Dentist, and possibly for other staff in the dental office.


Register your Practice

Complete the office survey and register your practice.


Select Candidates

Collaborate with us and make the best selection for a locum tenens or temporary dentist.


Sign a Contract

For the first assignment, receive a fee schedule and sign a contractual agreement.

Provide Feedback

At the end of each assignment, evaluate the results and provide feedback, to help us to continually improve and serve you better.

For Temporary Dentists:

We are continually searching for the best dentists. We will treat you as the professional that you are, from the initial contact through finding work with the private practice, and your compensation. Help us to do the following.


Submit your Credentials

After making the initial contact, submit your credentials. Pay no fee of any kind.


Interview with the Practice

Interview with our dentist, and let us know the work that you want to perform.


Sign a Contract

Sign a contract and make your availability known.

Accept your Assignment

Accept and successfully complete assignments of your choice. Receive either a minimum rate per hour or a percentage of production, in addition to mileage and hotel expense.